The ServiceDept quickly, efficiently and reliably service, repair, modfiy and restores all types and marques of professional audio equipment both old and new, classic and modern, contemporary and unique including large or small format studio, band, and disco mixers, power amps, mixer amps, backline and instrument amps, signal processors and path correction equipment, power supplies, both conventional or switch mode.

Having more than 30 years experience I can work at component level on passive, transistor, fet, IC, valve, surface mount, through hole and point-to-point circuits, with or without schematics

I have a great deal of experience working with most marques but I am particularly expert on QSC, C-audio, Crest and Amcron [Crown] amplifiers, Allen & Heath mixers [the ServiceDept. is an Allen & Heath service centre] and Technics turntables.